Starting over

As a family we have been richly blessed, with wonderful extended family and great friends in our lives. Without any of you we wouldn't be who we are. We love you all and thank you for your support as we start over and continue on our new adventure through life.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fourth of July 2011

Our first Fourth of July in our new home.

kittens, kittens..

When we moved here, we acquired three sweet kittens to add to our family.  Once we moved into our new home we started to welcome a few more kittens.  Our first was chili, who had one little boy who we named Sunny at about four weeks old Chili dissappered and never came came home.  Leaving us again with three.  Soon Bing had kittens, she gave birth to two grey and one black, when we found them one of the grey was dead.  So left she had two boys one grey and black. Meanwhile we had found a litter down at the farm, caught all but one and brought them home to try and find them homes.  Bing was such a good mom she took them in and always caught them enough mice to eat.  We found homes for all of them but a little fluffly black girl.  Soon afterwards Bing and Bandit both dissappered.  Leaving us with Sunny, Velvet and Jelly and midnight.
Unfortunaltey soon we found our sweet Sunny dead on the road while heading to church.
Velevet, Jelly-bing, and Sunny
                                                              Farm Kittens
 Months later we welcomed a litter of five little kittens into our family from midnight and Velvet as the dad.  Before they were born Velvet dissappered. After the birth of the kittens Jelly also dissappered. While we seem to have many cats come and go.  We have loved them all and try so hard not to get to attached as new ones come. Now we have Midnight (mom) SKunk, snippet, and Goatee(has a black goatee)
                                                            JJ (Jelly Junior) and Tiger

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nathan's first year of wrestling

Nathan eneded up loving wrestling..He had a blast and looks forward to doing it year after year...

October Fun

We had a lot of fun this October, We finally got to move into a home..It's not huge, but it has electricity, water, flushing toilets, heat, to be a family..we get to break out our stuff and use it.!! WHOO HOO
This is just a picture of Sam and Nate being goofy!!
Nathan, Josh, and Bryan..wierdos...
Our new home!!
Kitchen with my new table we bought in AZ
Front room/boys bedroom for now..looks comfy to me!Halloween..we went as snowhite and the seven dwarfs..were missing three of them..they ran off.
my Snow white costume a dear friends help me to sew...

My country boys at Purdums
Nathan's first pheasant

October was such a fun month..full of fun and exciting things for all of us..

Having fun at the farm..hanging out and fishing

Devin and Kevin dirty as can be..but they are having fun! Wow their hair is blonde..
Nathan hates having his picture takenDaddy and Sam

Peek a Boo
Bryan and his trout
Nate's catfish..he caught all by himself, the line broke and he still pulled it in by hand!! Then came running to tell us about it!!
Another night he caught this little trout...

Cross Crountry

Nathan was in 6th greade this year and the only sport offered through the school was cross country so he went for it. He did good, never gave up and kept running!
This is one of the favorite runs for the kids, they get to go through this mud hole..and they love it!Start of race!!

My sweet niece Kara

Kara Anne was born September 10, 2010. I was blessed to have this sweet niece of mine to recieve my middle name. She is such a sweet beautiful little girl!
Sweet little feet
Amanda and Kara..trying to recover and get some rest...
Just born! by c-section. Great job Amanda and Pat!